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You can email us at the band email above or leave us a message on Comment form below & we will get back to you by email

Band Secretary:
Martine Brumwell, 11 Douglas Avenue, Brixham, TW5 9EL.
Contact Martine 01803 854275 / 07975 769173 or Email her on

Band Chair:
Phillip King
Contact Phil 0n 07963 467503 or via band email on

Band Vice Chair:
Hilary Bligh
Contact Hilary on 01803 411660 or via band email on

Musical Director:
Phil Cleave
Contact Phil via band email on

Training Band Director:
David Phillips
Contact Dave on 01803 853539 or Email him on

Twitter Manager:
Phillip King
Contact Phil 0n 07963 467503 or via band email on

Email, Website & Facebook Manager:
Andy Cory
Contact Andy on 01803 882708
Or email him at –


Band Librarians:
Roy & Norma Buckley

Band Treasurer:
Mrs Margaret Phillips

Committee (March 2018):
Phil King (Chair); Hilary Bligh (Vice-Chair); Martine Brumwell (Secretary); Margaret Phillips (Treasurer); Dave Phillips (Deputy MD); Roy Buckley; Jenny Hughes; Ron Hodierne; Andrew Kilner


CONTACT US — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Lizabeth,
    From Brixham Does Care as it is a concert for them as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, we are providing the music.
    Andy (Webmaster)

  2. Where do I buy tickets for your concert on Friday 14th December 2018

    Thank You
    Lizabeth Hayward

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