Joining & Training

Joining Us:
We will always welcome new members and are able to offer free tuition and in most cases a free use of an instrument if necessary along with appropriate music. If you are interested in joining us or learning please contact our band Secretary (see details on CONTACTS page) or pop in and see us at a practice session (check out dates and times on Band Calendar) sometime. The relaxed atmosphere allows complete beginners to join in and improve rapidly

Our Training group is primarily a feeder band for the main Brixham Town Band. As such it welcomes anyone interested in learning an instrument, particularly those still at school and those that can read music. All ages and abilities are welcomed. The Band has always considered that the recruiting and training of new players is one of the most important things we can do. To this end we run training sessions on  Mondays & Thursdays 7.00  to 7.30pm at Brixham College Music Dept September to June after our usual summer quayside concerts season with chance to sit in with main band when appropriate to experience playing less complicated pieces of music.

One or two of of our more established players take these sessions, often on one to one basis as appropriate. Beginners are given a 30 minute lesson whilst the other more able players can rehearse together which gives our beginners, learners and developing players a chance to play some simpler training pieces together in a group. We happily welcome complete beginners to pop along for a no-commitment “taster session”.

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