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New Players Welcome

Brixham Town Band are looking to strengthen a couple of their instrument sections. Our baritone and bass sections are low on numbers, so if you are either a baritone or bass player, we would love to hear from you. But as a band, we are always happy to accommodate any players.

We are a community non contesting band with a healthy list of engagements. We are a non-contesting band by choice, as quite a number of us have done that, and just don’t want that sort of thing any more.

We have a very healthy membership, and it is rare for our practices to have less than 25 attend. Everyone that comes to sit in with us love the friendly atmosphere, and we are proud to say that there are no “cliques” or “political wrangling”.

So if you fancy coming along to a happy friendly band and enjoy your playing, please get in touch.