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  1. Hi Peter,
    Good to hear from you again. We currently use different venue close by instead of school but still delighted to see you join us for session. We are a bit thin on trombone section so your support will be even more appreciated.
    Andy C

  2. Hi David, Ian and the Band,

    I am staggered to see that four years have passed since that fabulous evening with the band. We are coming down to Brixham yet again during the ‘non-season’ and I would like to sit in at one of your practices if I may.

    Hoping that that will be possible, will contact Dave Phillips once in Brixham, cheers, Peter.

  3. Hi, I’m a Brass Bander from Essex (Thundersley Brass Band – Championship Section Contesting Band) and I heard most of you concert on the Quayside tonight.
    Just wanted to say well done to all as it was very enjoyable.
    Special mention to the young lady on principal cornet who was a real shining star. Well played young lady!

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