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  1. May I take this opportunity to wish all band members a happy and safe Christmas and a very healthy New Year. I do hope all band members take heart and remember that things can only get better(we hope)

  2. Hi Andrew,
    We can loan you one (our MD will bring his) if you want to join us for a blow. Just let us know via email ( so we make sure he brings his with him.
    Andy Cory

  3. I sent a private message to the band saying i am down on holiday 1st week of September i play euphonium i have played for a few championship bands now i play solo euphonium for crosskeys my name is Andrew Thomas however i got no room to bring my sterling euphonium kind regards Andrew

  4. Hi Guys,

    Once again thanks for the opportunity of both taking part in a band practice and playing with you at the start of Brixfest. The warm welcome and fellowship of the band made it once again a highlight of the week.


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