BTB Song for the Frontline

Having heard the Foden band’s rendition of John Barber’s (their principal Trombone) wonderful “Song For The Frontline”, we had a go during our current OnLine practice sessions. Andrew Kilner (our chairman & percussionist) brought his audio productions skills to bear and mixed several recordings submitted by a few of us from home – his resulting final mix is quite acceptable and can be heard from the link below.
Buying the score for the band contributed to the NHS and it was great fun having a virtual go…..:
BTB Song For The Frontline – OnLine

Our On-Line practice sessions continue

We did our sixth online session with Zoom on Thursday 9th April and those who can contribute recordings of selected pieces can benefit from helpful critiques from Phil Cleave.

We have only had a few contributed recordings so far but, given sufficient contributions, Andrew Kilner is able to do some clever mixing so we can hear a bit more of a combined ‘band sound’ and hear many of the points Phil C continues to advice us on.

The sessions are at 7.00 pm Mondays & Thursdays and the more that can join and contribute, the more benefit we be able to gain from them