Carry On Virtually

No not a bizarre “Carry On Film” although some of our sessions are good for a laugh or two. Our latest effort is the Floral Dance that’s been added to our “Virtually Brass” playlist. We thank all the stalwart contributors Dave Phillips, Andrew Kilner, Jenny Hughes, Chris Neary, Andy Cory and Sarah Neary for their recordings and hope a few more can join in and have go with our next challenging piece – the big band medley “Mancini Magic”.

Whilst the government have now allowed Brass Bands to practice outside adopting Social Distancing we have elected not to meet yet as a number of our players are still isolating and we can currently achieve best practice success through our virtual sessions.

Virtual banding continues

A big part of our Monday and Thursday Online sessions is selecting a particular piece to practice at home and submit a recording of our own part to be mixed into a band virtual Concert – see the link on right side of home page as well as a link form the scrolling banner. We hope to keep these up dated with new pieces from our stalwart contributors.

Near & Far as we continue on line

Thanks to all that took a part in our virtual session 23 – Thursday 18th June. Nice that Justine able to join us from “up country” as well as contributing to our Cory Band UNITY compilation.
We have moved onto focusing on Singing in the rain, aptly matching the weather this week, having left Bolsover Castle and Pirates part finished but likely as far as we can take them as we try to stay together as a virtual practising band all focused on the same piece.